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Current BTh Research Projects

Port Moresby Campus - The Gospel in the City
(Team Supervisor - Clyde Smith)
  1. The Meaning of the Gospel in the City - Gregory Tonekeya
  2. Christian Unity Amid the Diversity of the City - Rubin Kuli
  3. Evangelism to Immigrants in the City - Joshua Kena
  4. Church-State Relations in Historical Perspective - Mark Sam
  5. Church-Government Partnership - Albert Doka
  6. The Church's Prophetic Voice in the City - Willie Mathias
Banz Campus
  1. The Increase of Christian Marriage Breakdown in Special Reference to Members of the Evangelical Church of Papua New Guinea (ECPNG), North Fly - Sware Isno  (Supervisor - Marcus Fitakec)
  2.  Sorcery and its Impacts on the ECPNG churches of North Fly District -  Ama Ure (Supervisor - Abel Haon)
  3. The Adam and Eve Syndrome  and Its Impact on the Youths in the Community - Gedisa Dawanan (Supervisor - Lionel Tom)
  4. Folk Religion in the Baptist churches of Lufa District, EHP- Mike Saida (Supervisor - Abel Haon)
  5. The effects of pre-marital sex among young ECPNG women, Balimo, Western Province - Jane Berapu (Supervisor - Gordon Tobul)