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File Part 1: Gil McArthur's Legacy

In this first lecture, Tandy re-visits the life and vision of Gil McArthur, and derives some important lessons for the direction of CLTC.

She also brings in an alternative, Melanesian perspective to ownership and support of the College, as identified by the late Dr Kirine Yandit.

File Part 2: My story and my research

Tandy uses her second lecture to outline her story and the genesis of her research into the restoration of social connections in the Gazelle Peninsula. She challenges indigenous researchers to develop their own authentic methodologies.

File Part 3: The Paradigm Shift

In the final lecture of the series, Tandy tries to envisage a new approach in theological education, that gives space to the students to explore topics related to sorcery, tribal conflicts, and other urgent societal issues at the community level.

This 'paradigm shift' can better equip students to minister effectively in their communities by understanding their social and cultural dynamics. Such an approach can give rise to an authentic redemption and validation of local culture, without endorsing the ungodly practices that may survive within it.

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Folder Purity and Pornography

A few resources from a seminar by Michael Wakefield and Caine Ruruk.

File BTh Project Paper Marking Guide 2023

This is the marking guide for the BTh Project Paper for 2023.